Steel Imports

GP Logistics can you offer a wide range of services to suit every cargo and budget.

With the obvious links between GP Shipping, GPL are perfectly positioned to assist you with your steel imports into the UK. As the ships agent for many of the steel ships coming into the UK we have the experience within the group to handle all types of steel. Rather than being restricted to one port or group of ports, we can be truly independent and offer you, the importer the best deal that suits you. We partner with all port operators throughout the UK and will match your location / receiving point with the best and most cost-effective solution. As vessel agents we are already working with the port / stevedores to safely discharge and store your material. Our steel team in Newport will handle the customs clearance (all done in house) and look at the best deal for haulage. Working with a network of specialist steel hauliers throughout the UK we can offer the full range of specialist equipment, Euroliners, slidaflex and flat trailers, all available with or without coil wells.

We know that many of our competitors are tied to specific ports or steel type, we are able to offer you the full range of British ports across the range of steel coil (HRC and CRC) galvanized and stainless, strip, plate, hollow section, beams, structural steel, packs, pipe, scaffold, rebar and wire coil. Depending on where you are and where you want your steel to come into, we can offer competitive storage rates with sliding scales dependent on your requirements. Call us for competitive rates on discharge, customs clearance and haulage and if you would like to discuss available options.

Given some of the issues with infrastructure congestion around the UK we are confident we can offer you a new look at steel and challenge some of the ‘accepted’ norms as to where steel is normally handled and ensure that your supply chain is not compromised.

For shipments to and from Europe and into Ireland we can offer competitive trailer rates and again a seamless service.

Global Logistics Coverage

We boast full global coverage for all logistical operations and we strive to open up new markets and connections across the world. Our customs control office is based in Newport, UK where we have a knowledgeable team of logistics experts, on hand and ready to help with your project.

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