Ship Spares

GP Logistics can you offer a wide range of services to suit every cargo and budget.

GP Logistics has a great deal of experience handling ships spares through their association with the Graypen Group of companies (Graypen Limited and GP Shipping) which are leading UK Port Agency service providers. GP Logistics can deal with the clearance and delivery of inward ships spares or arrange pickup and export of landed ship spares. We absolutely understand the critical time-frames associated with vessel port calls and work quickly to arrange the most efficient and cost-effective pick-up or delivery, taking care of all the associated customs formalities.

  • NCTS (New Computerised Transit System) requirements
  • Monitor expected goods arrival
  • Arrange for associated release note
  • Raise T1 Documentation
  • Attend to UKBA (UK Border Agency) notifications
  • Arrange Receipt for goods
  • Process & Discharge accomplished T1 Document

Global Logistics Coverage

We boast full global coverage for all logistical operations and we strive to open up new markets and connections across the world. Our customs control office is based in Newport, UK where we have a knowledgeable team of logistics experts, on hand and ready to help with your project.

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