EDI Technology

GP Logistics can you offer a wide range of services to suit every cargo and budget.

At GP Logistics we understand that our customers need a quick, reliable and assured service to avoid any costly delays that can be associated with the import or export of goods. This means that as a service provider we must ensure we have the correct tools for the job! GP Logistics has made a significant investment in the latest customs software through EDI Technology, so we can not only meet, but exceed our customers’ demands.

EDI Technology allows us to provide a ‘one stop’ solution to our customers with comprehensive support and service provision handling a wide range of customs formalities from Cargo Clearance to Freight Forwarding and Customs Warehouse Procedures, or the handling of EMCS or NTCS formalities.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows computer to computer exchange of information and documentation and provides for a quick and secure transfer of the relevant data and information directly to local customs systems. There is complete audit trail and task management as well as links to accounting functions so that we can complete the whole process from one access point. We can also provide track and trace facilities so that our customers can see the progress of their cargo at any time.

Global Logistics Coverage

We boast full global coverage for all logistical operations and we strive to open up new markets and connections across the world. Our customs control office is based in Newport, UK where we have a knowledgeable team of logistics experts, on hand and ready to help with your project.

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